CyberStampede Launches New SEO/SEM Brand

LAS VEGAS — CyberStampede has announced the soft launch of a new brand and domain, SEOandSEMServices.com.

SEOandSEMServices.com is not only desktop friendly but also mobile responsive to expand on the traditional SEO services CyberStampede offers.

CyberStampede through the years has established itself as a premium source for SEO/SEM and social media support for numerous industries ranging from consumer electronics to not-for-profit organizations to adult entertainment firms based worldwide.

The company offers support for everything social media-related, including online reputation management, for the Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram platforms. It also provides pay-per-click service and ethical link building support.

CyberStampede currently provides SEO support for adult entertainment clients Playgirl and Solstice Productions’ Men4RentNow.com, as well as the largest LGBT online publication, CyberSocket. The company’s roster of previous clients includes Scores, Private Media Group, Evil Angel and Pink Visual, as well as the Japanese division of Sanyo.

In 2012, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) named CyberStampede’s Rodney Thompson the winner of its annual Service Recognition Award for 2012.


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Is social media right for your company?

A lot of businesses are now taking advantage of the social media market, but does it really provide an advantage for your company? That depends on what you are offering.

“According to Adweek, there is bad news for brands who are rushing to social media sites. Young people don’t want to be friends with you! According to a new report from Forrester Research, just 6% of 12-17-year-olds who use the web want to be friends with a brand on Facebook.

Among Web-connected 18-24-year-olds, that figure doubles, which means that only 12% of 18-24-year-old think is ok to friend a brand. Even scarier for brands: Young people don’t want brands’ friendship, and they think brands should go away.”

“Young consumers are basically telling brands, when I interact with you I want you to listen to me and interact with you. I don’t want to interact (friend) a brand that just engages in a one-way conversation with me.” Social Media Optimization

It’s pretty agreeable that the vast majority of people do not want to be branded, but to simply choose the brand of preference. If you are offering a service, social media is absolutely for you because the product is based on customer interaction. When the customer interacts with your company on a social media network they are sharing the great experience they had, and not endorsing a product.  We’re not sales people, but we sure love to tell stories about our life experiences. If you’re selling a product it’s best to stick to SEM or standard marketing techniques to keep the power of choice in the consumers hands. Recently PepsiCo found out the hard way by dropping standard advertising all together, spending at least 50 per cent of its American branding budget on social media.

“Beverage Digest reported last month that the company’s flagship brand, Pepsi, had fallen to third place behind Coke and Diet Coke. Pepsi – known for its Refresh Everything goodwill campaign and a bevy of social media efforts – had ranked second for decades in that sales category. Some considered the slip an indictment of the brand’s embrace of social media and de-emphasis of traditional broadcast advertising – exemplified by its withdrawal from the Super Bowl last year.” Clickz.com

Find more information on Businessdailyafrica.com about PepsiCo and social media marketing.

The bottom line is, if you’re offering a product, social media could be a gamble for you; if it’s a service social media can do wonders for you! If you’re not sure, don’t be scared to talk to us, we’ll help you reach the most accurate demographic.


The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Most businesses today have the understanding that online importance is important; however it seems that the effort stops at the point they get online. The online presence is there, but with no organized method you’re just a small being in the large world of the internet. Generally most people have way too much faith in technology and expect to do something once and have it succeed amazingly with no effort. When it comes to designing a website with purpose and power there are a few very important factors:

  • The obvious first would be design which comes down to visual appeal and user friendliness.
  • Frequency of updated material.
  • Backlinks (Sites that link to your site) on relevant sites to yours.
  • The relevancy of your material to what your demographic is looking for. (Most shoppers do their research online first.) Wall Street Journal
  • Most important of all you want the search engines to understand what you have on your site, where to find it, and what to look for.

“More than half the businesses who responded to a Small Business Search Marking Survey by American Express and SEMPO said they needed help with their campaigns, yet only 25 per cent said they would employ anyone to assist with search engine marketing, MediaPost reported.

Nineteen per cent of those questioned said that although they were planning on spending money on digital advertising this year, they would not put any money into search engine marketing.

The news provider reported that the survey said the confusion could arise from the large number of strategies which small businesses are faced with, and the potential pitfalls they may face along the way.

Almost three-quarters of those questioned said they handled search campaigns internally, despite often having no expertise in the sector.”

Equi Media

We need to remember that no matter how powerful the computer is whether it be a desktop, a Google server, or a super computer its still no human brain. This is what search engine optimization is for — to help the search engine algorithms understand your site better. This will help your site appear more relevant to the keywords you are using to target your audience and get you the most relevant traffic. Relevancy is key in top ranking whether you are talking search engine marketing or optimization (SEM or SEO). Search engine marketing can also help you research your demographic through keyword research tools and trial and error. This will also give you an idea of what the search engine is looking for; this shouldn’t stop at Google, Bing, Yahoo, be sure to include Facebook too. Quality not quantity plays a huge role in top ranking. If you are going to launch a new site a good start is extremely important, not that this means if you were off to a bad start you’ve seen the end of your online presence. Late is better than never, and that’s why Cyber Stampede is here, to help you!

For those who are familiar with the iPhone/iPod game Angry Birds, here is an SEO analogy that relates to the game.

  1. You have to play to figure out the rules
    So many webmasters want to know “the best way” to do this or that – but there rarely is a one-size-fits-all answer. Many times, we simply need to play the game and see what happens, building up the real world knowledge of what is right for OUR situation as we go.
  2. You succeed best when your site’s unique contributions are recognized
    Too much energy goes into being “like site X”. Once you’ve got the basics of webmastering down, what’s important is making your site’s unique qualities obvious in the marketplace.
  3. You can’t recover from a really bad start
    Sometimes you do need to cut your losses and move on. That’s just the reality of the world.
  4. Different problems require different specialists
    Running a website is a diverse project, and you simply cannot know everything required to make the right moves in every situation. Knowing when to bring in outside help or develop a new skill in-house is key.
  5. Blowing something up isn’t necessarily felt everywhere
    If you want to make a major change in an established web business, you often need to think holistically, and realize that there are many factors to take into consideration. You can’t just fiddle around without having some idea of how your entire web ecosystem will react to that fiddling – and that includes how it will look to Google.
  6. Most improvements are incremental
    Great breakthroughs in search traffic are rare. Mostly it’s just putting one foot in front of the other, over and over again. Google even has safeguards that keep a site from exploding onto the scene too fast.
  7. Just because you’ve mastered one task doesn’t make you master of all
    It’s a natural pitfall because webmasters do need to have a lot of diverse skill. But sometimes you need a business plan tune-up, or a conversion optimization, or a usability assessment in order to reach the next level.
  8. You can never do the same thing exactly the same way
    And that means you can never do the exactly same thing that someone else did, either. Google moves on, each website exists in a unique larger web presence, and repeating the same patterns over and over will eventually smack you into a brick wall.
  9. Some goals require more “birds”
    Sometimes you can make successful changes to a website, only to discover that the business can sustain the new level of success. It’s not just Google that needs to focus on “does this scale.” Webmasters who want major success need to look at that question in advance, too.
  10. There is more than one way to win
    Even in SEO this is true. There is more than one keyword or set of keywords that can tap into your audience. There is more than one way to get other sites to link to you. There is more than one way to structure a website. There is more than one way to write HTML, CSS, PHP. etc – even to achieve the same end.

Search Engine Round Table

Be Sure to come back Friday for an article on the difference between SEM and SEO.

Most Recent Testimonials

  • "FourStar Auto Glass has used Cyber Stampede's SEO & social media services since 2009. Search Engine Optimization is a crucial element in any company's web campaign, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results that Rodney and Cyber Stampede have produced."

    Jonathan Loonin,



  • We did not know how important SEO and social media services were until we witnessed the results achieved by Rodney Thompson, CEO/Founder of Cyber Stampede Inc. Prior to working with Rodney, we squandered away thousands of dollars while we aimlessly attempted to get higher search engine rankings."

    Elise Rosemarin
    Co-Founder, Moody Mamas Inc.


  • "It has been an absolute pleasure to work with CyberStampede. Your services are of the highest quality and the manner in which you carry them out is extremely professional."

    Tim Henning | Executive Director | ASACP



  • "CyberStampede has done a tremendous job at moving us to the top of Search Engine Rankings. More importantly, they have helped our business with brand recognition and helped increase our profits."

    Glenn King,
    MeanBitch Productions


  • "Working with Rodney at CyberStampede to meet search marketing goals is a pleasure. Rodney helped us achieve authoritative organic rankings on Google and Bing for a variety of well-chosen search terms. A must-hire!"

    Scott, Chief Operating Officer
    ShopDeepThroat.com and Deep Throat Digital


  • "Cyber Stampede has been vital in growing the web presence of my law practice and attracting targeted customers to my site. Since hiring Cyber Stampede, I have received a steady stream of new clients from around the world who found me via my website."

    Richard E. Grayson



  • "What you have done for our adult business has been nothing short of incredible. With the way competition is in the adult industry these days.. its great to see us rank so highly in searches engines!!

    Thank you so very much for your input, understanding and fulfilling our needs in all departments. Traffic to our websites is growing and growing!!"

    Claire Flaherty,
    Online Marketing Director
    Private Media Group


  • "We have seen a direct impact on our numbers after implementing Cyber Stampede's SEO recommendations. I was impressed by the quality of their service and the availability of their staff; they definitely know what they're doing! I would recommend them anytime!"

    Magalie, Director of development for Famedollars
    Gamma Entertainment


  • "Cyber Stampede has provided SEO related services for Scores Media Group since 2009 and has achieved significant progress in getting us first page placement for relevant target terms organically in the major Search Engines."

    Harry Yioves,
    Scores Media Group


  • "Rodney Thompson of CyberStampede.com has provided SEO services and solutions for TDM LLC. For going on over a year now and we have seen our adult business's organic SEO traffic/placement for Playgirltv.com & Playgirl.com increase dramatically."

    Amy Kehoe,
    Marketing Director