Dr Norm’s CBD Edibles are now in the eCommerce Cookie Jar

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Dr Norm’s CBD Edibles are now in the eCommerce Cookie Jar

Dr. Norm's CBD Cookies



Los Angeles, CA – December 2018 – Legendary edibles brand Dr. Norm’s Cookies has debuted a direct to consumer eCommerce site for the US market, as part of the company’s corporate development plan.

Dr. Norm’s is the creator of chocolate chip therapy mini cookies, the top ranked THC & CBD edibles available from dispensaries in California, as reviewed by High Times, MG Retailer and other cannabis industry publications. They are known for great tasting cookies that allow you to taste the cookie and not the medicine as well as the relevant concept “Know Your Dose!”

In 2018, the edibles brand introduced CBD only variations of its flagship chocolate chip cookie as well as adding a peanut butter chocolate CBD only variety. With the launch of the 2018 holiday season, Dr. Norm’s launched, an eCommerce site available direct to the public across the USA to make buying its’ CBD cookies quick and accessible to all adults.


According to Roberta & Jeff, co-founders at Dr. Norm’s, “We knew our consumer level customers wanted more access to our cookies, to complement the currently available retail experience with our valued partnerships with world class California dispensaries. Adding a proper eCommerce site for fans to buy our CBD only products across the country was a natural move we’d been contemplating, knowing it takes a village as well as good timing to get it right. At the 2018 Hall of Flowers conference, we met veteran adult use digital media agency Buoyancy Digital. Becky, Rod and Scott have been building, optimizing & advertising web sites for major adult use brands for two decades. The timing and the mutually shared priorities to get to market properly was kismet. Less than three months later, fans across the USA can now shop for our finest CBD cookies online direct from us, your artisan bakers!”


To shop for CBD cookies in the USA or for more information about Dr. Norm’s, please visit us at You may also contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or on social media @DrNormsCookies.



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Shopping for adult Sex Toys for Women, Men and Couples, Why It’s No Longer a Dirty Little Secret

Buy Adult Sex Toys for Women, Men & Couples discreetly

I recently came across a very interesting post courtesy of that I thought would be a good share.


Sex Toy Shopping

It used to be something done in secret. Anybody, from good girl to gay guy to carnal couple, had to slink down to the seedy sex toy shop on the other side of town to purchase their private pleasure items. Nobody would’ve dreamed of visiting their local pharmacy for a titillating toy, let alone dared to do so. Yet thanks to the sexual wellness revolution taking the world by storm, lovers are doing just that.

So why the major change in consumer sex toy shopping?

Public Sexual Discourse

Quite simply, thanks to media adverts, celebrity endorsements of erotic product lines, Baby Boomers seizing control of their sex lives, in-home sex toy parties and HBO’s “Sex and the City,” consumers are feeling more comfortable shopping for sexual wellness products from mainstream retailers. And with the online sexual health and wellness market booming — as in an estimated $1 billion in global annual sales — U.S. brick-and-mortar retailers and pharmacies have been hustling to get in on the action.

Customers are feeling more supported in their sexual health interests and needs beyond condoms and lubricants as more stores devote more shelf space to personal intimacy and enhancement items like vibrators, vibrating couples rings and Kegel exercisers. A huge part of a business’s ability to stock such items is the fact that product lines are pushing the sexy without advertising the sex. Everything is tasteful, suggestive and sensual, beckoning lovers to explore.

Sexy vs. Pornographic Appeal

The advertising of sexual wellness category has involved attractive, non-pornographic packaging and clever, non-threatening (as in non-phallic), good-looking design. Such has been made even more desirable by aggressive marketing strategies that stress promoting pleasure, enhancing intimacy and taking your ecstasy to new heights, with visuals and language staying far away from anything indicating triple-X or “hardcore.”

Ease of Purchase

Then there’s the simplicity for potential customers to buy adult sex toys for women, men and couples discreetly.

Customers who feel overwhelmed in a crowded specialty shop or busy online store like that the products they want the most are easy to find, and that the selection promises to be exactly what they need.

 Language Seduction

Finally, there’s the messaging of “you deserve sensual, sexual pleasure,” an idea that resonates particularly well with core buyers of products like massagers and vibes — women ages 24 to 42. With products described as “classy,” “sleek,” “sensual” and “high-end,” it’s no wonder that consumers agree that they deserve a luxurious lifestyle, which includes elegant, top-of-the-line sex toys. Many have decided to splurge on themselves with these “pamper me” products, feeling that they do indeed deserve nothing but the best on or in their bodies.

The sexual wellness industry’s explosive growth will only continue as more buyers become aware of the fact that in taking care of your sexual health, you’re taking care of your overall health. Case in point: two recent studies published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that the prevalence of vibrator use amongst 18- to 60-year-olds is at 52.5% for women, and 45% for men. Researchers at Indiana University concluded that use is common and associated with sexual health-promoting behaviors and positive sexual functioning.

Sex knows no shame when the aim is to take care of the self and to take care of your health.


Cannabis marketing update – SEO, digital media buying and design & technology solutions available!

After much anticipation, our sister company – ad agency Buoyancy Digital – has debuted a full suite of digital marketing services for the global cannabis industry, including SEO, digital media buyer services, as well as design & technology solutions to improve online conversions.

Cyber Stampede founder Rod Thompson, who is also a partner at Buoyancy Digital, will spearhead delivery of world-class SEO services from the Buoyancy Digital agency for cannabis brands from dispensaries and consumer products to B2B service providers upstream.

Buoyancy Digital is a proud member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and strategic partner to ResponsiTech, the leader in Youth Safety solutions for cannabis brands online. With over 60 years of combined experience in digital marketing for age restricted industries, the agency is the market leader for driving digital growth for age sensitive brands around the globe.

For more information on digital marketing & advertising services available to licensed marijuana brands, head over to
Cannabis Marketing


Erroneous use of Laxalt likeness in Oscarson campaign material

James Oscarson for Assembly campaign has been using Adam Laxalt’s likeness in its campaign mailings and on its campaign website.


Images courtesy of Adam Laxalt


Come See, meet and hear Roger Stone at big campaign rally for Dennis Hof tomorrow, June 2, 6:00 pm

Donald Trump Campaign Advisor and Personal Friend Roger Stone coming to show his support for Dennis Hof

Roger Stone

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